Japanese girl eats 7lbs of bacon and fried eggs over rice

A girl can eat 3.5kg of food at once. And guess what? She's super thin!

Sure bacon and fried eggs are familiar with our daily meal, but anyone will hate them if you have to eat a little bit too much. And we all know eating too much is harmful. If you are a woman and you want to maintain your body weight, you will need 1500 calories per day. But this small girl can take total 8034 kilocalories for just one meal. Can you believe that?

Yuka Kinoshita is also a competitive eater as a job. But her ability is still shocking. With it, her chance to win any food battle is super high. Let's see how this girl eat 3.5kg of foods at once, even when you know already what's going to happen, you will still be surprised.


By: Blue Tea

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