The 3 craziest swimming pools that are not for the faint-hearted

These 3 pools all have unique characteristics that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the world and are very attractive to thrill-loving people.



This pool is located in the popular resort of Koh Samui, Thailand. This 5-star hotel has long been famous for its unique natural and architectural scenery, but the most prominent feature is the blood-colored swimming pool.

If you are the first person to enter the hotel, you are likely to be terrified by the red water. From a distance, the pool is like a bright red lake but after getting into the water, visitors can see the clear water.

The red effect is due to the color of the bricks of the swimming pool floor and edges. The main colors include red, yellow on the pool floor and edges and orange on the pool walls.



Nemo 33 is a non-chlorinated freshwater pool built indoor in Brussels, Belgium. Its design was made by a Belgian diving expert John Beernaerts for multipurpose such as diving instruction, recreation, and film production. Nemo 33 had kept the title of the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world for 10 years, from its opening in 2004 until Y-40 taking over in 2014.


The reason this pool has such a special name because it is 33 meters deep, and the water temperature is always kept at 33 degrees. This swimming pool is reserved exclusively for diving enthusiasts.

In addition, this pool also has an underwater elevator for those who would like to visit. Visitors who have been to this pool say they can dive and swim here, but those with bathophobia, fear of depth, should not try it.



This pool is located on the top of Victoria Falls which is 11 meters high where below is the abyss. The flow rate here can reach 934 m3/second which is equivalent to that of an ordinary aircraft. Additionally, there are not any protective barriers around the pool besides natural stones.

Most of the time throughout the year, the Zambezi river will flow from the Victoria Falls to down below, but in the dry season, the water is weaker, and thus the Devil’s Pool at the top of the falls appears. At this time, the low water level and the height of the natural stone wall will form a barrier to prevent visitors from being swept away.

Although it is very dangerous, there are many tourists coming here to experience the thrills. The best time of the year to visit the Devil’s Pool is from September to October. Visitors can stand from above to watch the waterfall flowing down.

By: Garry Pena

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