Simple things that can get you locked up in these countries

National diversity, once again, is reflected in laws which you have never heard of before.

1. Collecting seashells on the beach in Thailand


You can be arrested for collecting shellfish on Thai beaches. You are also not allowed to bring this resource out of the territory even when you pay. It seems that these items are only sold to local customers.

A group of Russian tourists who went to the local store and bought decorative shells were eventually arrested by police and almost faced with imprisonment. These girls had to pay a fine of 2000 USD/person to not suffer 1 year in prison because of buying shells.

In Thailand, not only is it prohibited to collect shellfish and snails, but visitors are also not allowed to feed fish while diving in the sea. This "crime" can cause you to be locked up 1 year in prison in case of violation.

2. Bringing playing cards


In many countries, you will not get into any trouble bringing playing cards with you, however, it is an entirely different story in Thailand. A law enacted in 1935 states that if you bring more than 120 cards, you can be put in jail. Therefore, carrying more than 2 decks of playing cards is considered illegal according to local authorities. You may be suspected of organizing gambling activities if you violate this law.

3. Swearing in Australia

If you say curse words to local people even just as a joke, you can be arrested. In Queensland and Victoria, swearing in public places can get you in jail for up to 6 months.

4. Stealing Wi-Fi from other people in Singapore


You should be careful when connecting to Wi-Fi in public places when coming to Singapore. Do not be glad if you get free Wi-Fi falling from the sky. According to local law, when you have not announced and asked the Wi-Fi owner for permission, you are considered a "hacker" attacking their mobile network. This violation can "imprison" you for up to 3 years.

5. Carrying some medicines but not your identity card in Japan

When you come to this Eastern Asian country, always remember to bring identification. If a policeman stops you and doesn't see any of your personal papers,  he/she can temporarily detain you for 23 days.

You should also be careful when carrying medicine with you. Read carefully the banned substances here some of which may be found in regular flu medicines to avoid trouble at the Japanese customs door.

6. Making “dab” move in Saudi Arabia


This is the country of harsh rules. The famous dab move is considered by the government as a consequence of the use of stimulants. It sounds a bit too much, but in fact, a Saudi Arabian singer was arrested for doing this very ordinary dance move of the world.

7. Giving alms to beggars or spitting in the United States

People in Lauderdale, Florida, seriously consider almsgiving after the government implement a law on this issue. A 90-year-old clergyman in the local church was detained for 2 months because of cooking and giving alms to beggars in the area.

Therefore, if you come to this place and want to express compassion to underprivileged people, you still have to get special permission from the local government.

Another law in the US town of Lackland which has been imposed since 1944 states that people will be arrested if spitting in public. A young American unaware of the state law was still subject to imprisonment for spitting on the road.

By: Salvador Clayton

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