Weird facts about the White House

President Reagan compared the life within the White House with “a bird locked in a golden cage”, while Mr. Trump said that people did not fully understand its “true beauty”.

The constructions of the White House started in 1792 carried out by a group of workers who were slaves and immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and other European countries.



Irish architect James Hoban was said to have designed the White House after winning a contest held by a newspaper with the design inspired by the Irish Parliament Building in Dublin.

George Washington was the first American president who never lived in the White House. John Adams was the first president who moved here on 1st November 1800, not long before he was re-running for the president and lost to Thomas Jefferson.

The building where American presidents lived was called “Executive Mansion” until President Theodore Roosevelt gave it the official name, the White House.

The architecture and interior of the White House were first refurbished under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt after a fire occurred on Christmas in 1929.

The White House is also thought to be haunted after many employees and leaders over the decades have recounted how they had seen shadows that looked like President Andrew Jackson, President Thomas Jefferson, and First Lady Dolley Madison.

According to rumors, President Lincoln’s spirit often appeared in the Lincoln Bedroom and the golden Oval Office when he thought the country was in danger.

According to old articles, in 1940, British Prime Minister Churchill was extremely surprised after he saw President Lincoln’s ghost as soon as he stepped out of the bathroom. According to recounted stories, Mr. Churchill told Lincoln: “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to be unhappy with me because of something.”

President Richard Nixon once had a bowling alley built in a basement that has now become the location of the Situation Room, a flower shop, a carpentry shop, and a dentist's office.

Up to now, 10 people had died in the White House, including former Presidents William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor along with 3 First Ladies.

The White House is home to many weddings, including the first young lady's weddings like Alice Lee Roosevelt, Lynda Bird Johnson, and Tricia Nixon. The 49-year-old President Grover Cleveland also married Frances Folsom, 22, at the Green Room, the White House on June 2, 1886.

Although the White House functions are plentiful, not all services here are free. The president also has monthly bills if he organizes private parties.

Even though the First Pets popularly raised in the White House are dogs, there have been also other animals such as Tad Lincoln's turkey, young horses of President Roosevelt's and Allan Hoover's crocodiles.

Many US presidents publicly declared dissatisfaction with life in the White House. President Ronald Reagan once called life here "like a bird locked in a golden cage".

However, President Trump seems to prefer to live in the White House than his predecessors said: "People do not understand the beauty of the White House. A true beauty of this place."






By: Earl Boyd

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