How to understand a girl?

Understanding girls is never an easy task.


Seeing his friend John seem to be in a bad mood, Frank came up and asked:

- What’s wrong bro, why the long face?

- I can never understand girls!... – John let out a sigh. I tried literally everything, everything just to cheer her up, to make her happy. But still…

- Still what, John? You know you can trust me.

- Yeah, right. You know... There’s a girl. Kate. She's got me head over heels for her. We’ve been hanging out for a few weeks. Nothing officially though. And then yesterday… yesterday…

- What? What happened?

- She called me and said she was not feeling okay. She wanted to go somewhere, where she could cry out loud comfortably and no one cared…

- Yep, girls! Then what? Where did you take her to?

- I took her to a funeral, so she could just cry her eyes out like she would love to. But then she got mad at me! She yelled at me and left. What, Frank? What did I do wrong?

By: Kelly Jonas

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