Unexpected danger behind common diet foods

We are not professional nutritionists, so we often make the mistake when choosing diet foods that really benefit.

Dieting is no stranger when every girl wants to have a healthy lifestyle and fit body. If the 90s were a "say no fat" fever, then in 2019, Keto is booming. With the development of science and technology and the interest of people in healthy lifestyles, various brands have launched many different diet foods. However, not all of these foods are as healthy as you think.


We are not doctors or nutritionists to know exactly whether each type of food is healthy or not. Based on this factor, many brands use words and images to "alter the concept" of diet foods they produce. Consumers often get confused by these advertising tricks.

If you are on a diet, no matter what, you should avoid these so-called "diet foods":

Veggie snack

Normally, we tend to think "vegetables" always mean "healthy". However, snacks should be excluded. Vegetable snacks are not counted as a vegetable serving and are not much better than regular snacks. They still contain lots of calories, sodium and fat, while providing very little nutritional value. If you like to eat snacks, try cookies. They provide a healthy amount of fiber, protein and fat.

Diet yogurt

Although diet yogurt seems to be an option that looks good in weight loss process, this type of yogurt will make you hungry and want to eat more. Diet yogurt contains sugar, cream, thickener and artificial flavors in low doses. These ingredients are no different from normal yogurt. Choosing sugar-free yogurt served with fruits or salads would be better for you.


Bottled smoothie

When we don't have much time to prepare special meals following our regime, vitamins are the first choice. There is nothing worth mentioning if you do not choose the bottled smoothies in the stores. They are usually high in sugar and contain a variety of stabilizers and thickeners. It is best to prepare your juice yourself because only then, you know what you drink.

Gluten-free bread

For people with immune disorders, gluten-free foods are a must. Gluten-free foods are also recommended in many diets. However, gluten-free bread is still a big question mark. Similar to diet yogurt, to have the same flavor and texture as regular bread, most of gluten-free breads have sugar and thickener. In fact, this type of bread is no healthier than regular breads. Choosing bread, just consider the fiber-rich types like soy flour and flaxseed.


Energy bar

Energy bars are often covered in yogurt. In addition to increase the taste, this trick also makes consumers think "yogurt means healthy". The layers of yogurt coated on these bars are usually made from a mixture of sugar, vegetable oil, milk energy and emulsifiers. As you can see, these ingredients are not only not good for your health but also cause you to gain weight. You can also create your own energy bars with very simple ingredients like oats, nuts and bananas to add sweetness.

Canned sauce

Stir-fried vegetables are often recommended when you are a vegetarian. When you eat stir-fried vegetables, you will absorb a lot of beneficial protein, fiber and carb. However, canned sauces used to stir fry with food will reduce its nutritional value, because in these sauces there are plenty of sugar, sodium, thickeners and other ingredients. You can choose soy, sesame oil, fresh ginger, garlic, lemongrass and chili and use some vegetables or water for a better texture instead. This method helps you cut sugar and additives, while still having health benefits form fresh herbs and spices.


By: Olivia Mendoza

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