Interesting secrets you might not expect in fashion stores

What is the "magic power" of fashion stores that keep you shopping more than expected?

1. The curtain trick

Why are fashion stores using curtains for the dressing room instead of a sturdy door? The curtains are a great tool to assist employees in "urging" you, not letting you spend too much time trying on clothes. They force you to focus entirely on trying and deciding on the item you are putting on.


2. The mirror outside dressing rooms

Fashion stores never forget to design a mirror in the changing room, so customers can be more convenient in choosing products. But most of the times they choose to ignore it. So, if you step into a room without a mirror, you have officially fallen into a smart business strategy of that fashion store. The store owner wants you to be able to interact more with employees, listen to their cool ideas, to quickly make a decision.


3. The miracle light

Inside Victoria’s Secret dressing room there is always a light pink light, which can calm customers' moods, making them feel comfortable and their skin becomes brighter than usual. Lights along the mirror body are also popular lamp trends in dressing rooms at today's fashion stores. These lights help you feel like your body is slimmer and your face is rosier. Moreover, customers are often attracted to well-lit areas. Therefore, do not be surprised when you are always attracted to the shelves displaying many expensive bags.


4. The luxurious carpet

Not only for decorative purposes, carpets can also slow down your footsteps, so you will have more time to access the display shelves. This is also the key at shoe sales, making you tend to stay longer because the carpet makes your feet comfortable.


5. The invisible window

One of the most successful strategies to keep guests staying longer is to hide the windows. Stepping into a store with industrial light, you will completely lose the sense of time. Customers will take the time to immerse themselves in the shelves filled with clothes, shoes, and bags that the concept of time no longer matters. Since then, they continue to fall into the "trap" of the store and buy more than expected.


6. The preferential strategy

Stores often use the concept of "anchoring" the prices by selling similar items near each other with a wide range of price. This method often makes customers feel like they can buy items with good quality at very cheap prices, although compared to market prices they turn out to be more expensive.


7. The game of numbers

There is a certain reason why the price of items always ends in 9 and 0. The price ends with zero for the most purchased items, to ensure customers trust in quality and price real value of the products. For products ending in 9, customers will have the feeling that the distributor has minimized costs and offers the best price for the items. Therefore, they make you shop with absolute trust in the value of the product.


8. The right direction

Most of us are right-handed, so we tend to be attracted to the right more. Understanding that fact, businesses have cleverly arranged products in a clever way. They put their favorite items on the right to make sure everyone would see them and buy them.





By: Lily Haney

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