Cloud computing and its key role in the digital marketing era

Creating the best customer experience to keep customers as well as increase purchase rates through digital channels is the core goal of digital marketing.

Nowadays, customers may not need to go to the store to see furniture directly because IKEA's application can simulate the space in their house and they can decide which sofa will match their living room's wall color immediately at home.

Modern digital marketing has completely changed the buying methods and habits of users today. And the integration of cloud computing is said to have created remarkable innovations for the marketing industry.

Cloud computing - The turning point of digital marketing

Promoting, improving services and promoting digital products are always a challenging endeavor. In order to reach customers, marketers should learn about their target audience - what they seek / need / want - and then find ways to promote products without disturbing or causing any discomfort.

In particular, creating and managing customer databases may face many difficulties, especially if the company is dependent on traditional storage devices. Accessing customer information through an on-premise service, such as a single server or computer, often takes a lot of time. Not to mention the ability to handle transmission problems that may not be guaranteed.


Test and error methods can be effective in other areas, but in digital marketing, speed and accuracy are essential in meeting customer needs. This is when cloud computing takes its unique advantage. No storing and accessing data in the traditional way, cloud services provide digital marketing companies the ideal platform to create, promote and expand with unprecedented efficiency with much lower cost at the same time.

The even more promising factor is the almost limitless scalability of these cloud services. This means that the provider can meet demand regardless of the size of the business or customer database.

Digital marketing is a collection of various marketing services and techniques - email marketing, online advertising, website analysis, online PR marketing. All of these services / techniques are aimed at identifying customer needs and of course finding the best ways to meet those needs. This process is really not easy. It requires diligence, and above all, patience.

In addition, infrastructure is equally important compared to providing appropriate approaches and strategies. Cloud computing allows digital marketers to provide a secured environment for customers to provide real-time feedback on service quality.

The technology to be deployed quickly and safely

Another factor that really reshapes the digital marketing context is deployment. Within minutes, businesses can instantly access a range of advanced, powerful marketing tools to accelerate their performance. This allows businesses to invest more time and resources into customer satisfaction. Moreover, cloud services also provide frequent updates, so worries about uncompleted operating platforms would be completely eliminated.


Cloud computing also supports digital marketing to take advantage of AI and Machine Learning, especially in terms of data management. Moreover, cloud computing also ensures a lot more safety in the risk of hacking and data loss, compared to traditional data storage methods.

With all these great benefits, cloud computing has really opened a huge path for digital marketing. However, choosing cloud services is not an easy task. In fact, your company's reputation depends on how well the service works. If your cloud service vendor has frequent problems, or does not provide support for some types of devices, your business is most likely affected.


By: Lily Haney

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