10 most popular cloud services for personal uses

It is not easy to find suitable services for each data group. That's why you need to thoroughly understand the characteristics of each type of cloud service.


1. Most popular cloud storage: Dropbox

Free storage: 2 GB

Dropbox is a very popular cloud storage service thanks to its convenient, reliable features. It is one of the services with the longest life expectancy in this segment. Dropbox hardly puts a limit on the data you upload, and you can easily share your files and folders with friends by sending them their links. In addition to computer applications, you can access the data stored on Dropbox using a browser anywhere with a network connection.


2. Best photo backup service: Google Drive

Free storage: 15 GB

Google offers 15GB of free storage, shared for Gmail, Google+ Photos and Google Drive services. Photos in the Google+ Photos section with capacity under 2048x2048 pixels could be stored for free without including the original 15GB capacity. Like Dropbox, you can access Google Drive with an application on your computer or any web browser. Data deleted from Google Drive will be put in the trash bin and stay there until you delete it or restore it.


3. Cloud storage for Windows users: OneDrive

Free storage: 15 GB

Once called SkyDrive, OneDrive is a brand developed by Microsoft for Windows users, but you need a Hotmail or Live account to use it. Once the data is uploaded to OneDrive, you can access it from any browser, create new files, folders and share it with your friends. Data deleted from OneDrive will be put in the trash bin before being permanently deleted after 30 days, in case users change their mind and want to recover it.


4. Cloud storage for Amazon users: Amazon Cloud Drive

Free storage: 5 GB

Each Amazon Cloud Drive account will be offered 5 GB of free storage. This service allows you to share data by sending links to your friends. Data deleted on Cloud Drive can also be restored unless you select the permanent delete function.


5. Best cloud service for teamwork: Box

Free storage: 10 GB

With Box, you can easily share data so that your whole team can work together, and many people can join hands to do a task and comment on each other's work. Data posted to the Box can be easily recovered within 30 days after being deleted.


6. Cloud storage for Apple users: Apple iCloud

Free storage: 5 GB

Since not everyone has an Apple device, this is not a suitable service for teamwork. Instead, you should use it to back up personal data on Apple devices. In particular, the photos on these devices will be backed up automatically via Photo Stream service within the last 30 days.


7. Most secured cloud storage: SpiderOak

Free storage: 2 GB

This is an ideal choice if you focus on securing your information and data, so that they will be completely encrypted and can only be accessed when the correct password is entered. The service does not limit the file size to be uploaded, and the deleted data can be restored.


8. Service with similar encryption feature: Tresorit

Free storage: 5 GB

Similar to SpiderOak, Tresorit also has the ability to encrypt data, which means that photos, videos, personal data, sensitive information... will be completely secured when you post them to Tresorit. The service provides useful features such as encryption and security for shared data, and keeps file history within 7 days. The maximum capacity of each file uploaded to Tresorit is 0.5 GB.


9. Service that allows posting data in all sizes: Cubby

Free storage: 5 GB

Unlike many other cloud storage services, the data you upload to Cubby is not limited in size, as long as it does not exceed the amount of free storage that Cubby offers. The service provides many features for users to manipulate files easily. The data contained in Cubby is encrypted and can be restored if you accidentally delete it.


10. Service with the most free storage: ADrive

Free storage: 50 GB

Just sign up for a free ADrive account, you will be rewarded with 50GB for data storage. With ADrive, you can share links with others, and access and edit documents right in your browser. In return, ads will appear permanently in the page's interface, along with the lack of additional features that other services offer for free. From a security perspective, this is not a safe option, so it's best not to use it to store important data.



By: Emma Chavez

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