The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion Review

For the makeup to stay stable and bright, a oil-control cushion like The Face Shop Oil Oil Water Control Cushion might be an ideal choice.


The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion is designed with genlte white - blue box, the outstanding features of the product are clearly printed on the packaging as the All proof (waterproof), Moist Cover (smooth moist substrate) , Fresh Fit (transparent substrate), Long Lasting (long gone) and the ultra-high sun protection factor SPF 50+ PA +++. Box-shaped cushion compact circular pure white, the lid has simple leaves motifs. Inside the core tray for sucking and pollen can spread instead. Overall, designed entirely for breakfast and elegant flair.





Color and quality

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion 5 color tones from dark to light tones, easy for the girls to choose. Also, try to finish selling packets, smooth substrate stretch looks natural and not too glossy, skin looks rejuvenated.

On the cover, The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion really incredible. The cons, large and small, such as acne, whiteheads, blackheads, freckles, uneven skin color... disappeared behind a layer of cream. Even, you do not need to use concealer before using this cushion.



About durability, cushion are most stable in the average time of 4-6 hours, The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion long clung to 6 hours is very ideal, after which you can re-chalk mile is king.

Regarding oil control, similar to the above, after 6 hours the new tee ball a little oil, so you only need to use oil absorbent paper then lightly mile cushion layer is the same as the new background layer. Ability to effectively control oil is also the most prominent features of this product, particularly suited to the type of combination skin and oily skin's natural oil of Vietnamese girls, useful in hot weather conditions.

Further feature of this product is not waterproof, after some tests, the water goes straight down layer which remains creamy color, not washed. So you can use this when you go swimming, the beach is excellent.




Not too surprised when The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion in the top 10 Korean cushion extreme quality for a variety of advantages. Not only brings natural substrate, smooth stretch, waterproof, oil control and effective coverage. Products are suitable for hot weather conditions today. Besides, this cushion is only about half the price of Laneige BB cushion, you can easily find it online or purchase at any The Face Shop shop.

Rating: 8/10




By: Rachel Halliwell

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