Review outstanding products from Japan

Japanese cosmetics with globally renowned brands are also a big market that you should refer.

Japanese cosmetics brand with globally renowned as one of the types of cosmetics review of her favorites. Especially, with excellent quality from advanced technology, cosmetic review Japan launched the high-end products that believers crave beauty. Check out these valuable skin care product from the land of cherry blossoms are light!


1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil


Shu Uemura is the pioneer in the oil remover launched in 1967. However, the title of the best quality product line to include the DHC Cleansing Oil. Only once applied to the skin surface with massage, makeup classes will be easy passes, including names such stubborn waterproof mascara. DHC's Cleansing Oil is made entirely from natural ingredients suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


2. Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick


These believers are no strangers beauty brand Shiseido name hit in recent years. With many advanced product lines for women, deserve Shiseido named in this list. Product Line Perfect Rouge lipstick is a mixture of cream and lip balm lỳ. Hence, do not simply help your lips more beautiful, long-lasting color retention, which products are renowned for moisturizing use. This lip line is more than 25 different colors to choose her delight.


3. SUQQU Face Protector Factor


Although named sunscreen, but the truth is the product of SUQQU Factor Face Protector can be used every day to protect the skin from dirt, toxins and UV, not just what the sunny days hot. With smooth liquid cream, the product easy to use on the face and make you feel very pleasant. The only weak point of this product is the price of "premium" can not fit many people.


4. Cure Natural Aqua Gel


This product is currently in a state of "best seller" in Japan. 12 seconds on average, will have 1 pharmaceutical products sold. Products containing more than 90% hydrogen, extracts of gingko biloba herbal wealth and help reduce dark elements, acne treatment and skin regeneration. This solution is used for Japanese women exfoliating effect without absorbent cotton.



5. SKY-II Facial Treatment Mask


Masks of SK-II skin care contains a special material that helps Pitera, softer skin. Pitera is a mixture of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, according to a special formula of SK - II. Only 5 to 10 minutes using the product, including rough skin will become soft and smooth considerably. Despite relatively high price compared with the average, it is still worth to be used because of its exceptional efficiency.

The products come from Japan mainly focused on high-end customers, so prices will be higher than the average on the market. However, the Japanese cosmetics review is still worth using because of her quality and its excellent efficiency. Try to experience once to feel the surprising advantages of those ones.




By: Fiona Cane

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