Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar Swatches and Review

While the heat of Tone Lip Bar has yet to cool down, Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar is promisingly a new hot trend that will satisfy your needs

Laneige Laneige BB Two Tone Lip Cushion and Bar are two products that are ready to welcome the most passionate in recent years because of fever descendant of the Sun (Descendants of the Sun), do not stop it, to promote shopping needs and contributed to the revenue growth, the company continues to look for ways Laneige "molded" product line followers of drama craze hit. Therefore, two-color eye shadow stick Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar appeared. Although the product has not been promoted in the film but the main designer lines like Two Tone Lip Bar Laneige son that women also could not overlook.




As stated above, the design of Two Tone Shadow Bar Laneige completely identical to Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar. Rectangular bar eyeshadow, lipstick length as a basic, color eyeshadows crossed and easy to use push button through the hull.






Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar has 4 tones are Humming Coral (No.1), Golden Rose (No.2), Orange Island (No.3), Coffee Bronze (No.4). Each bar consists of 2 eyeshadow eyeshadows difference, you can combine at the same time or use each color powder eyeshadow with others if needed. Typically, only 2 colors, the style will suit the natural makeup during the day rather than the night party. If you want to stand out in the evening fun, you need to add additional color darker eyeshadow.



The eye shadow's swatches on hand



Coral Humming



Golden Rose



Orange Island



Bronze Coffee


The shimmer eyeshadow colors are bright emulsions that have no matte color, gorgeous eyes in accordance with Korean style.

To use this eye color bar, after approval directly on the eye lids and vote, you need to use your finger or the palm canopy have to be more natural eye color.

Minus point of the product is too bright pastel colors and just wrapped two color eyeshadows in a bar, if for the purpose of bringing convenience to users, just 2 then choose the eye color of her makeup really restricted. Also, the colors too bright so as to agree on the color sense is not clear, therefore, you need to add 1 or 2 tones darker color eyeshadow and eyeliner to draw sharp will bring the desired effect .

The products' listed price is 27,000 won and have been widely sold in the Korean market.



By: Olivia Darcy

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