How to pick false eyelashes for different eye shapes

Not everyone is fortunate to own glamorous thick lashes and know how to choose suitable false eyelashes.

You think, false eyelashes suit all eye shapes? Not really. And that is why the company famous Eylure has introduced a range of different styles to help eyelashes girlfriend perfect beauty.

Here's how to choose the suitable eyelashes for your "windows of the soul":


1. Almond eyes


Almond eyes are the symbol of classical beauty. If you have an almond-shaped eyes, you're in luck because almost every false eyelash suits you. However, to have lively eyes, a fake lashes with medium length with bushy tail, spread like Texture No.117 great choice.


2. Small eyes


Though very long eyelashes and dense, but it will result in attracting the opposite reaction with owners of small eyes. False eyelashes suit you is a moderate form of short and thick like Naturals No 031. Thus, your eyes will be larger and subtly beautiful.


3. Up-turned eyes


Be proud of slanted eyes. It is prevalent in the modern eye catwalk supermodels of her power, full of personality. With this eye shape, you should choose false eyelashes with thin texture and spread like a bow shape. Product suggestions for you: Lengthening No 035.


4. Down-turned eyes


With the outer eye corner late, eyes swept fits the classic cat eye contour charm. To help lift the eyelid up, select the eyelash length, thickness moderate, flared and tail shaped like pointy exaggerate No 141.


5. Round eyes 


Round eyes dreamy destination marketing is the second version of almond eye shape but larger and more rounded. Making eye balance is created effects for a longer eye lashes using the long tail and dense than the first part. Try Definition No 121 to look sexy and attract the opposite.


6. Hooded eyes


Eyelid lining eyes quite charming and mysterious. However, if you choose the wrong lashes, your eyes can be pulled down. With this eye shape, you should choose thick bushy eyelashes, Dramatic impressive as No 202 to direct the focus on the brow bone, or a sparse lashes and moderate long as Lengthening No 116 for exquisite beauty.

Do not forget to curle your eyelashes and apply mascara afterward!



By: Rachel Halliwell

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