Etude House – Kissful Lip Care Scrub Review

If you are demanding, Etude House – Kissful Lip Care Scrub might not be able to satisfy you.

Exfoliating is one important step skin care, from the body to the special skin or most importantly our lips. Soft beautiful lips will always attract glances. Therefore, we should maintain the care of the environment from the smallest step as exfoliating.

Let's check out Etude House – Kissful Lip Care Scrub to see if it's the right product for you.



1. Package:

As usual cosmetic packaging Korea are always very lovely, very beautiful dolls, lipstick tube shape, petite.


2. Ingredients:

Key Ingredients include sugar, vitamin E derivatives, marine collagen, extracts of chamomile flowers, macadamia nut oil, shea mango...



3. Smell:

I love the scent of this scrub, refreshing fruity but also very sweet. According to me feeling like the smell of peach and mango orange tinged her.


4. Texture

Liquid transparent gel, containing many tiny tiny scrub particles inside. Now squeeze the tube of lipstick to the body can feel it this scrub particles.



5. Usage

Apply a small amount to your lips first and then gently massage 1-2 minutes, rinse with warm water. Use 2-3 times a week whiff.


6. Experience

Scent sensation when applied to the lips quite liked, clear scrub particles but tiny when gently massage melts quite liked, massage lips for a while, feeling the heat, have a bit uncomfortable and slightly bitter if you accidentally touch on the tongue. The type his lips soft, dry at the time so the dead skin flaking a bit long, so I may seem insufficient for your dollar. I've tried many times but this kind of result is still not satisfactory.

At first I thought no flaking of dead skin from his lips only remaining work, until I used several times but without feeling different from my lips when parked. In particular, there is sometimes hard to eat my lips lipstick inside the lip, I used scrubs and lip care, but then still the same. This further confirms the exfoliating her with a mixture of olive oil, the lip line + soft and son find much to eat.



7. Conclusion

(+) Pros:

- The price is cheaper, packaging lovely

- Fragrant scent pleasant, with many particles gel in such tiny sugar scrub massage enjoyed

(-) Cons:

- The nasty, hard scrub particles dissolve.

- Do not work with their lips, but like pretty useless so fragrant it.


Rating: 1.5 / 5 *



By: Rachel Halliwell

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