8 athletes in the racing world earning millions of dollars

Lewis Hamilton or Marc Marquez are racers with annual salary up to tens of millions of dollars. Valentino Rossi, a legendary racer, earns more than 40 million USD.

1. Kimi Raikkonen


During his career, Kimi has raced for many different teams. Currently, he is working with Alfa Romeo team after parting with Scuderia Ferrari. With such a rich background, it is of no surprise that the driver receives nearly 8 million USD.

2. Max Verstappen


As the son of former F1 racer Jos Verstappen, Max is considered a genius in the international racing scene. At only 22 years old, this driver has accumulated for himself dozens of different victories since the start of his playing career. In 2019, his salary reached nearly 13.5 million USD which excludes other funds from donors.

3. Daniel Ricciardo


After making a shocking move from Red Bull to Renault at the beginning of this season, Daniel Riccardo has become the topic of the F1 community. Some people speculate that it was due to team problems or salary issues. After he switched for Renault, the salary of this driver increased to more than 15 million USD.

4. Jimmie Johnson


Hendrick Motorsport's No. 48 racer holds the record for being the highest-paid athlete in the NASCAR race with a total of over $ 19 million annually. He has won the most championships in NASCAR history since he started playing in 2001.

5. Marc Marquez


This 26-year-old boy is "dominating" the MotoGP race, he has consistently won since the beginning of the season so far. The Spanish racer has won over 45 victories with 5 MotoGP sports championships. According to many media sites, Marquez earns between 14-20 million per year.

6. Sebastian Vettel


The Ferrari team must pay the racer about 30 million USD per year. In the past, as a driver of Red Bull (2010-2013), Vettel won four world championships and was the youngest champion in F1 history.

7. Lewis Hamilton


With 5 times winning the world championship and 82 times at first place, Mercedes F1 team does not hesitate to sign a contract with Lewis Hamilton driver which is worth 35 million USD annually, along with other revenues from the sponsors. The driver also owns his own clothing lines in collaboration with the fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger.

8. Valentino Rossi


At the top of this list is the rival of Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi. "The Doctor", his nickname, is one of the legends of MotoGP that anyone who loves racing sports knows, Rossi has won 7 world championships and countless other victories since he began his career in 1996. Rumor has it that Rossi is paid at least 40 million USD each year, but the Yamaha team does not confirm this.


By: Marcus Parsons

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