The best destinations to “hunt” Northern Aurora

Northern Aurora is a spectacular natural phenomenon that has urged many people to set foot on lands around the world to see with their own eyes.

Only when the sky is really dark can you experience the “pinnacle” of Northern Aurora. In most destinations, the aurora is most beautiful from the end of August to the beginning of April.



Located near the Arctic Circle of the North Atlantic region, the country becomes one of the most valuable destinations in the world to admire the Northern Aurora. In the capital Reykjavik, you can still witness the aurora dancing in the sky. However, it is easier to see them from outside the city.

One such place is Iceland’s famous Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, where the light party happens. Only less than 15-minute drive from the glacier lagoon, Hali Country Hotel is an ideal choice for small traveling groups with options of 2-bedroom apartments.


There are ideal destinations in Scandinavia for tourists to admire the magnificent beauty of the Northern Aurora.



Tromsø is a well-known name for aurora hunters, not only because of its air travel advantages but also because of its location in the middle of the oval aurora where ‘hard-to-catch’ lights most often appear.

Food and music night lovers have another reason to visit Tromsø since it is a city full of life with food festivals and music all year round.

Offering a pleasant stay experience, Rodisson Blu Hotel is the ideal starting point for Tromsø trips. From there, you can walk to the most famous landmarks of the city such as the Northern Norway Art Museum, Tromsø Cathedral, and Krane Art Gallery.



Finland is not only Santa’s hometown. When the time comes, you can watch the Northern Aurora every night in Finnish Lapland region. In a favorable condition, you can even see it from anywhere in Finland.

Because aurora can suddenly appear and disappear, visitors may need to stay outside for a while to hunt it. You can enjoy the warmth when staying at Santa’s Hotel Aurora & Igloos in the middle of Luosto village to watch the aurora from the glass igloos.

This hotel is equipped with a Northern Aurora signaling system to ensure that you will not miss a unique experience of a lifetime.

Lapland region (Sweden)


During a trip to Sweden, you can start exploring the capital Stockholm before heading north to Lapland to catch the Northern Aurora in Abisko National Park. Away from the city lights, dark night makes the green lights even more vivid.

If you are lucky, you can enjoy the Northern Aurora directly from your room at Mattarahkka Northern Light Lodge. Before it gets dark, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the Swedish Fika style.

North America

Alaska, USA


Fairbanks can be considered the best place to see the aurora in America, since it is located right below the oval aurora. While waiting for the skylights, you can experience many other things in Fairbanks: Visiting the Aurora Ice Museum and drinking a cocktail at the bars made from ice, or warming up and soaking in the famous hot spring Chena Springs amid the marvelous beauty of Alaska.

Fairbanks Moose Manor B&B provides guests with spacious rooms, home-made breakfast and is served by hospitable Alaskans. This place which is only a few minutes away from the city is not polluted, so you have a great opportunity to see the beauty of the Northern Aurora from pleasant accommodation.



You can admire aurora from different parts of Canada, especially in the far north. Located 400 km south of the Arctic Circle, the Northern Aurora is a frequent sight in Yellowknife. You can also camp in the village of Aurora, resting on the 360-degree swivel chairs outdoors to admire the magnificence of the unique skylights.



By: Winston Stewart

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